Founder & Managing Partner 


David Stevens is an entrepreneur who is actively seeking to acquire, operate, and grow one U.S.-based business with revenues between $4 and $35 million. 


Prior to founding 31st Capital Group, Mr. Stevens spent over a decade advising firms on mergers & acquisitions (m&a), corporate strategy, operations, finance, and marketing.  Mr. Stevens worked as a Senior Advisor at both Deloitte and PwC where he was responsible for providing M&A advisory and Strategy & Operations services for various clients in different industries. During his career, Mr. Stevens advised clients within the healthcare, financial services, aerospace & defense, and IT industries. In addition, Mr. Stevens has over a decade of leadership experience as well as experience in real estate investing. Mr. Stevens will assume the operational responsibilities of the acquired company and create long-term value for shareholders, customers, employees, and the community over the long-term. 

Mr. Stevens offers business owners a strategic liquidity event to monetize their ownership stake. 


Email: david.stevens@31stcap.com

Phone: (443) 890-3409

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